Introducing the UFO Power Center Watch DEMO

The UFO Power Center is the most powerful energy management power strip in the market today. It features a unique design and outstanding features that change the way users perceive and use electricity in everyday life.

Really easy the UFO is up and running in five minutes and and functions like a regular power strip.
No PC needed the UFO interface is a simple applications for iPhone and iPad and it does not require a PC to store data.
No monthly bill all the features are available within your home network without any subscription service.

Power Strip

The UFO Power Center features four sockets that can power 110 Volts electrical appliances in the U.S. and Canada.
A different color identifies each socket and an LED on each socket indicates when it is active. The UFO Power Strip can provide up to 15 Amps total, spread across the four sockets in any configuration.

UFO is a Powerstrip

Power Meter

Unlike regular power strips, the UFO Power Center can measure electrical consumption on each individual socket in real time. One month of energy consumption is stored on the UFO for each socket. An LED light on top of the UFO changes color from green to yellow and red, indicating different levels of total power consumption. These power levels are configurable by the user.

UFO measures the electricity consumption for each outlet

Wi-Fi Communication

When plugged into the UFO Power Center, your appliances can be monitored and controlled across your home Wi-Fi network. Your iPad and iPhone become remote controls for your appliances. The UFO connects to Wi-Fi access points using 802.11 b/g/n and WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

UFO communicates through WiFi network


Appliances can be turned off and on automatically, based on a user-defined hourly schedule for each day of the week. Automation is also used to eliminate standby power consumption of appliances that don’t need to be “always on” or that depend on the availability of other appliances. This is possible by assigning different roles to sockets and relying on the UFO’s ability to detect small changes in current.

UFO enables remote countrol of your appliances